About us

Experienced professionals strive at Aretai to advance the creative and humane development of Finnish working life. Our aim is to strengthen the everyday agency of employees, their work communities and clients. We believe this is best accomplished through forms of co-operation which are open, respectful and directed towards learning.

The core of co-operation is in polyphonic dialogue: listening to the experience of every participant and together developing the thoughts and actions this generates. This, we believe, is central to our goal of pursuing a democratic way of life throughout society and the services that support it. Every individual can participate in this according to their own capacity to direct co-operation, and the community supports its members in developing their own opportunities to enrich personal and shared life.

We have collaborated though dialogical work supervision, training, coaching and other developmental work with hundreds of individuals, groups and communities at all levels of organisation. Our shared know-how and experience are a significant resource in all our work.